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I'll make them resist. Arrest It was only four more miles to Lushmeadow, the small valley at the foot of Misty Tor. Normally lush and green with scattered wildflowers, the meadow became a crowded campground when the king was in residence. The fairytale castle itself was little more than a single manor house broken up into nine fanciful towers that nestled among the rushing streams of the tor. There was no room for large parties of visiting nobles with their servants, horses, wagons, pavilions and possessions. Therefore, visiting dignitaries used Lushmeadow as their field camp. There were eight barons present, including Sir Reginald, each with a brightly-colored tent and a small contingent of men-atarms to act as his servants in the field. The king's personal guardsmen were camped here as well, some eighty soldiers who made a show of posting a picket line around the base of the castle. There weren't any walls at Misty Tor, just towers clinging to the jutting rocks with paths and footbridges between, so the soldiers made a human wall around the residence. The guard changed every four hours around the clock. Every guardsman stood motionless at his post, holding a wicked halberd stiffly erect at his side. There were no guards around the campground, but at the sight of the circus wagons word quickly spread from one tent to another. Jongleurs! There are jongleurs coming! The arrival of a band of entertainers was cause for rejoicing. Soldiers in apartamente de vanzare bucuresti the field had no entertainment except dicing and fighting, both of which were discouraged by their officers. Jongleurs were a welcome change. The road to the castle passed through the center of the camp before making the last climb up the hill. There it passed between stables on the left and the apartamente de vanzare bucuresti kitchen complex on the right. Although there was no wall around the castle, there was a moat formed by the coalescing streams that foamed around the towers. A bridge led across the moat and terminated in an arched gate. The road formed a steep and winding ramp apartamente de vanzare bucuresti from Lushmeadow to the bridge. The barons' pavilions were pitched in an open square at the foot of this ramp, forming a parade ground. Excited young men in shining mail and brightly-colored livery led the circus wagons to the square. Mizar played the chimes merrily as the wagons rolled to a stop. Tom and Timothy set up the stage with the help of numerous willing hands. In short order The Old Beggar and his Three Daughters was roaring forth to a new audience. This audience seemed to prefer a more bawdy interpretation than the village matrons had. The soldiers cheered any attempted debauchery by the villainous male characters in the play, and hissed at the lily-pure Faith. They were delighted by the apartamente de vanzare bucuresti hot-blooded Charity, however, and Torch began to worry that her popularity might get out of hand in the allmale environment. Rosemary's apartamente dance of damnation had half the soldiers on their feet dancing with her. Many lewd suggestions were shouted from the ranks. After the play, it was Tom's turn to provide the entertainment. Are there any among you who can draw a bow passing well? he inquired. Aye! shouted dozens of voices. If you prove it to me you may have this purse of silver! Tom shouted, holding up a small leather pouch that jingled when he shook it. Get your bows! Dozens of men ran for their bows and returned within minutes to meet the challenge. What target? they called. F or answer, Tom held up the purse and led them to the far side of